TamaquaArea.com Photo Archive

This online photo gallery is my online spot for all my TamaquaArea.com photos from early 2010 to present.
I do this as a healing hobby to help overcome a few personal issues from my time in Iraq and also to provide information, events, and fun media to people living in and around Tamaqua Pennsylvania. My TamaquaArea.com community website is another way of bringing all the kind people, organizations, and businesses in and around Tamaqua closer together. I don't make any money or financially benefit from my website. I also don't take sponsors or donations. I simply do it as a time-consuming healing hobby and benefit to the community. TamaquaArea.com is 100% free. All of my photos and videos are free for Tamaqua residents to download, save, use, reproduce or print yourself. So enjoy!

Andrew Leibenguth
Creator / Webmaster
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(Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, USA)